Jaipur Art Factory is as a small Block Printing Studio in Jaipur, also known as the Pink City of India. Over time JAF has established itself as a manufacturer and direct seller of Mandala Tapestries, Clothing, Home Decor, and Lifestyle artifacts.

Jaipur Art Factory is a place where training in traditional techniques is being imparted and innovation in design takes place every day.

From Roundies to Mandala Tapestries, all our products are hand block printed. The process of patterns on textile using incised wood, though being slowest of all printing process, is capable of yielding highly artistic results, some of which are unattainable by any other method. Our Printing Process is 100 % Vegan. We only use vegetable dyes. No trees are harmed even for Block making.

At Jaipur Art Factory, we have always believed in preserving the traditional art of block printing and valuing Craftsmanship above all.

Our beautiful Mandala Tapestries are inspired by the spiritual Mandala Designs from the period of Buddhism. While crafting our products, we make conscious efforts that you find your own reflection in them. Have fun finding innovative ways to put our artifacts to use, and they'll lighten up your mood, home, and surrounding.
The story of Jaipur Art Factory – Lives of people involved, Emotions and Enthusiasm with which we do things at JAF; Milestones we have achieved, all add up to constantly shape our Philosophy and Ideologies.

If it hadn't been the dexterity and ingenuity of our artisans, the journey of Jaipur Art Factory couldn't have been this sparkling and majestic.
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